Don’t Miss Out on Your Chance

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On Tuesday, Dr. Victor Marchione wrote to you about the creation of his Healthy Colon Formula, a new health supplement he has been working on with Bel Marra Nutritionals.

 As the publisher at Doctors Health Press, I’ve watched Dr. Marchione pour his heart and soul into this new project. And I personally believe he has produced a breakthrough product that can finally help put a stop to your embarrassing digestion problems and help you enjoy every meal without an upset stomach.

 And with the holiday season fast approaching, you’ll probably need as much help as you can get.

 That’s why it’s so important that you get your supply of Healthy Colon Formula right away because you know that the next six weeks are going to filled with food and festivities.

 With your own supply of Healthy Colon Formula, you won’t have to decline a dinner out with friends or skip out on visiting your family because you are worried about the discomfort and embarrassment of digestive disorders and the constant bathroom visits that come with them.

 Plus, Dr. Marchione’s Healthy Colon Formula could be exactly what you need to help you eliminate:

 — Abdominal pain — Acid reflux — Bad breath — Bloating — Diarrhea — Flatulence — Hemorrhoids — Irritable bowel syndrome — Indigestion — Lower backache — Protruding belly — Unexplainable fatigue — Weight gain