Eating Green for a Strong Immune System

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When it comes to the environment, a lot has been written about going green. Reducing emissions, improving water quality, and protecting the ozone layer have all become priorities in recent years. But what about going green on a far more personal scale? Have you ever considered protecting your own internal body with chlorophyll?

The truth is we live in a world of toxins. They are in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and the water we drink. Though more restrictive legislation is starting to reduce the number of toxins released into our environment, unfortunately it is probably true that you have a build-up of these toxic chemicals in your body from previous exposure. You could remedy the effects of these harmful toxins with chlorophyll — a particularly potent nutrient found mostly in dark, leafy greens.

Dark green vegetables are superstars when it comes to nutrition. A single serving of kale, for example, will provide you with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants. These four substances contain enough nutrients together to help you fight cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, as well as many other conditions. But let’s just concentrate again on chlorophyll and its particular healing properties. Chlorophyll is, simply put, the dark green pigment found in plants. You might remember biology class from when you were young and learning about the process of photosynthesis and the presence of chlorophyll in leaves. Here’s what ou might have forgotten: chlorophyll converts solar energy from the sun into chemical energy, releasing oxygen into the atmosphere at the same time. So chlorophyll is indispensable to the outer environment. When it comes to your body, researchers have discovered that chlorophyll actually increases the disease resistance of cells, while at the same time inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

In one animal study, chlorophyll was shown to act as a strong antioxidant. It was also an effective protector against radiation-induced suppression of cells in mice. The researchers concluded that chlorophyll exercises a definite antioxidant effect at the cellular level.

You can purchase chlorophyll in liquid or capsule form. Check the label to determine the correct dosage for you.