Eating Healthy Can Save You Money

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Saving Money Through Healthy EatingI truly believe that your life is made longer or shorter by the decisions you make in the grocery store. Selecting healthy foods can stave off sickness and keep you healthy, while unhealthy selections can cause years of pain and push you into an early grave.

By shopping smart, you can save yourself from cancer, diabetes, obesity, and a number of other common illnesses. You can reduce your caloric intake, get quality calories, and ultimately feel better. In the end, you can extend your life by making simple choices.

Of course, eating healthy isn’t always the most affordable. But it’s essential to think of the amount of money you’ll likely save on future health bills. Medical treatment sure isn’t cheap, and it certainly doesn’t allow for a high quality of life. Spend the money today for a fruitful, enjoyable, and healthy future.

One of the first things I’d suggest is spending a little more on cuts of meat. Skinless chicken breast, for example, has fewer calories and fat content than chicken thighs, wings, or cuts with skin. It can save you calories that can add up fast, while offering the same taste and versatility as other cuts. It’s slightly more expensive, but well worth it.

Spending a little more on sirloin cuts of steak is also worthwhile, because these are far less dense than cheaper, fattier cuts. The leaner the cut, the better it is for your health. You can also opt to experiment with leaner, more expensive meats like turkey breast, bison, kangaroo, wild boar, elk, ostrich, or goat.

Another easy switch is to move from white starchy products to whole grains. These white starchy products, such as white bread, are high in refined sugars that are major contributors to weight gain and diabetes. In comparison, products with complex carbs, like whole wheat and whole grain ingredients, go through less processing and supply more fiber and nutrients that keep your insulin levels down and your cholesterol in check. These benefits heavily reduce your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Even if you’re buying a frozen pizza, purchase the whole grain crust option; it may not be the best meal, but it is a healthier choice than the alternative.

And that’s just it; in the end, it comes down to a choice. You can choose to spend your money wisely in ways that promote better health or you can choose to spend it on drugs and pharmaceuticals in the future. I know what I’d rather do.