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Look, I think it’s totally fair to say that, for most people, going to the gym or eating healthy doesn’t feel that great. It often hurts to work out. And healthy eating doesn’t have that same taste appeal as burgers and ice cream. But sex? I’d say the majority of folks will agree that it feels pretty darn good. And, guess what? It can provide a bunch of the same benefits as an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits, even for those approaching age 50 and beyond. (Why women prefer men over 65).

Sex—safe sex, of course—can boost your health in a number of ways, so without getting too wordy: It’s time to get busy!

Some of the ways a little intimacy can improve your well-being include:

— Lowered blood pressure: Research has supported links between sexual activity and lower blood pressure. This makes plenty of sense because, after all, it’s physical activity!

— Reduced risk for heart disease and osteoporosis: Sex helps keep testosterone and estrogen levels balanced, which could help lower the risk for heart disease and osteoporosis.

— Stress relief and better sleep: Sex boosts the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin, while lowering the “stress hormone” cortisol, to provide better sleep and improved relaxation. It’s even been noted to shut down the area of the brain associated with fear and anxiety.

— Decreased chance of prostate cancer: Research has shown that men who ejaculate 21 times per month are far less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who ejaculate seven times or less. This is likely due to reduced buildup of carcinogenic fluids in the prostate.

— Better bladder control: Incontinence affects roughly 30% of women at some point in their lives, but sexual activity can be a strong defense against it. Sex is a great workout for your pelvic muscles.

— Less illness: People who have sex more frequently tend to have stronger immune systems. They have higher levels of antibodies that protect them from viruses and germs, so they take fewer sick days!

— Improved memory: Brand-new research is also showing links between sexual activity and improved memory and planning skills. So, if you have sex before going to the grocery store, you may be much less likely to forget what you need.

If you’re getting older and looking for a fun way to boost your health without leaving the comfort of your bedroom…or sofa…or wherever…sex is probably the best and most fun option available.

In Health,

Adrian Newman

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