Episode 006: Overcome Your Chronic Illness Symptoms With RBTI Testing – Speaking with Rebecca Hale

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

health talkRBTI first exposes your unique biochemical individuality, and then reveals the specific changes and alterations in diet and lifestyle practices necessary to bring on real health, wellness and longevity. If your body is out of balance, it will show in RBTI testing.

Rebecca Hale RNHP, D. PSc is the owner of Natural Health Strategies, where she combines RBTI Testing with Naturopathic Counseling to help her clients overcome chronic illness naturally.
Rebecca’s testing methods uncover the root cause of health concerns which can aid her in recommending personalized natural health strategies to address the underlying cause of illness, and reduce symptoms.

So, if you feel like conventional medicine alone isn’t working effectively for you, then you need to listen closely because RBTI testing could be the solution to your health issues that you have been searching for!


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