Episode 008: Could Your Breast Implants Be The Cause Of Your Health Problems? – Speaking with Dr. Susse D.C.

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health talkDr. Kayte Susse began her medical career after suffering from a mysterious illness just 9 months after getting silicone breast implants. Today she is a strong advocate of breast implant illness education and recovery.

Many women who have breast implants are unaware of the dangerous heavy metals that could be leaking into their bodies. These heavy metals could be the root cause of many health problems, and doctors seem to be overlooking this cause. If you have breast implants and are suffering from, or have been diagnosed with an illness, you need to listen to this podcast!

Dr. Susse works alongside an osteopathic doctor in Los Angeles to heal and rehab patients who have suffered from debilitating exposures of heavy metals from breast implants, and helps them to regain their normal functions and in some cases actually reverse the damage that has been done.


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