Extend Your Life by Reducing This Intake

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Calories are at the center of a long list of health tips; as in limiting calories could help you with a multitude of health benefits. In the latest health news on calories, researchers found that you could slow down aging by taking in fewer calories each passing day. Now that is something to which you want to pay attention.

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Not only can aging be slowed down, but limiting caloric intake could help prevent the development of age-related diseases, such as cancer and type 2 diabetes. And the earlier you start, the greater the effect.

The key, according to a new study, is an enzyme called “peroxiredoxin.” This may hold the key to the aging process. Restricting calories slows aging by helping activate this enzyme, which also helps counteract damage to our genetic material.

In monkeys, we’ve seen that gradually reducing the intake of sugar and proteins, without reducing vitamins and minerals, could lead to a life several years longer than expected. Caloric restriction also has favorable effects on our health and delays the development of age-related diseases. Despite this, researchers in the field have found it difficult to explain exactly how caloric restriction produces these favorable effects.

Therein lies the enzyme as being the health breakthrough here. The results, published in the scientific journal “Molecular Cell,” show that peroxiredoxin is damaged during aging and loses its activity. If you restrict calories, it boosts the production of another enzyme that then repairs peroxiredoxin.

They found that if this enzyme is impaired, it can lead to various types of genetic defects and cancer. And they can speculate that increasing the repair of peroxiredoxin during aging could counteract, or at least delay, the development of cancer.

Maybe it’s time we knew more about these special enzymes. Peroxiredoxins have also been shown to be capable of preventing a process that is linked to several age-related disorders including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Now we find out they can delay aging. Cut calories by reading food labels, eating smaller portions, and steering away from high-fat foods.

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