Feng Shui: How It Can Improve Your Health

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feng shuiLast week, my colleague Mat Lecompte gave you some tips on how to do spring cleaning for your body. Today, I have a special spring cleaning health secret that comes all the way from China: A 5,000-year-old secret. I’m talking about feng shui.

Boost Your Health with This Chinese Secret

Nothing feels better than getting rid of all the winter clutter and freeing up some space to welcome the new season! Cleaning can make all of us feel productive and ready for spring. But did you know that including feng shui in your routine spring cleaning can actually help improve your health?

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui focuses on favorable spatial arrangement to help with the flow of positive energy in your home, to harmonize your environment. Although not a proven science, this method is believed by the Chinese and many North American proponents to benefit you in multiple areas of your life, such as wealth, family, and health.

How Does Feng Shui Work?

As you might know, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy is closely linked with your health. Your body’s energy (Qi) can be affected by outside forces and other energies, including the Qi of your home, which is ultimately believed to impact your health positively or negatively. Feng shui, by improving the energy within your home, is believed to open people up to creating a more balanced lifestyle, which can help revitalize the mind.

So, feng shui isn’t proven, but many people do swear by it. And it’s an alternative health option without any side effects! So why not give it a try as a complementary or preventative therapy? To get started, check out these sample feng shui tips for your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom:

1. Kitchen

  • Free all surfaces in your kitchen from any clutter, including magnets on your fridge door. And hide away all items that block the energy flow in your kitchen (i.e. small appliances, like a toaster or blender).
  • Purge your kitchen of any unhealthy foods and harsh chemical cleaners. Instead, choose healthy, organic foods and cleaners made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Throw away half-empty bottles that you don’t intend on using. You could also pack them away in a shower caddy to clear any clutter.

2. Bathroom

  • Remove images related to your career, personal projects, or hobbies from your bathroom. Replace them with appropriate images signifying purification and renewal, like trees, flowers, and rivers.
  • Keep your bathroom well-lit and ventilated for optimal energy and air flow.

3. Bedroom

  • Remove electronic devices from your bedroom to prevent bringing the stress of work to your place of relaxation. Cell phones and TVs destroy good feng shui energy. They can also be a distraction from your relationship with your loved one.
  • Select a neutral color palette for your bedroom—this can be anything from pale porcelain to chocolate brown. Keep in mind that warm, sensual colors can promote a restful sleep and a healthy sex life.

Overall, to avoid bad feng shui and the subsequent negative energy in your home that can affect your health, get rid of unnecessary clutter and keep your living space organized. Keeping a clean, functional home will make you feel more productive and keep you motivated throughout the season. Not to mention potentially giving your body’s energy and health a boost.

These tips are just a start; if you want to maximize the positive, healthy energy of your home, look into feng shui professionals in your area.

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