Fight the Signs of Aging with This

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Fight the Signs of Aging with ThisDo you want to look younger for longer? Do you want to fight the effects of aging? Have you tried a boatload of anti-aging creams and anti-aging solutions to no effect? A new study suggests that pine bark might be worth a shot.

Over time, skin shows its age because of the gradual breakdown of collagen and elastin. But skin can be made healthier, no matter what age you are. “Pycnogenol” is a patented natural supplement with antioxidant abilities that comes from the bark of the French maritime pine tree. The new study found that it improved skin hydration and elasticity in women.

Researchers used 75 milligrams of pine bark extract each day for 12 weeks on 20 healthy women aged 55 to 68. They measured skin elasticity and skin fatigue at the beginning, at six weeks, and at the end.

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Here are the key results to take away:

  • Pycnogenol elevated one type of collagen by 29% and another by 41%. It also increased the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin by 44%. (This acid is known to moisturize the skin and help prevent wrinkles.)
  • Pine bark enhanced skin elasticity by 25%, in addition to skin hydration by eight percent. This was especially noticeable in women who had dry skin from the start, with an increase of 21%.
  • The supplement lowered skin fatigue considerably.
  • It also reduced skin wrinkles by three percent and increased skin smoothness by six percent.

The researchers claim it is the only natural supplement to stimulate hyaluronic acid production in human skin. The molecular evidence confirmed in this study helps show that Pycnogenol benefits our skin and helps us look younger.

It seems one of the keys is the hyaluronic acid angle. This substance binds large quantities of water in the skin and in other tissues, such as cartilage. An increased amount of hyaluronic acid explains the increased skin hydration, higher elasticity and overall smoother skin appearance found in women taking pine bark supplements.

The supplement Pycnogenol has had several positive benefits in the skin field. Its most noticeably beneficial results were seen in the treatment of varicose veins. This anti-aging ability shows that its impact on our skin is at the very least, worth looking into.