Final Thoughts on the Major Heart Cure

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Final Thoughts on the Major Heart CureThe finale of this three-part look at the alternative cure coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) addresses whether this supplement can help people who have suffered a heart attack or who need to undergo cardiac surgery.

A heart attack (called a “myocardial infarction” by physicians) occurs when the heart muscle suddenly loses its blood and oxygen supply. Most often there is a blood clot in an artery — or cardiac surgery has caused it. Its symptoms include severe chest discomfort after physical stress, high emotions, or eating a big meal.

Now for the evidence. Three out of four studies found that taking CoQ10 before cardiac surgery led to improved heart function, reduced heart damage, and shorter hospital stays. The doses used ranged from 60 to 300 milligrams (mg) a day for one to two weeks.

What is clear is that CoQ10 needs to be taken at least a week before surgery to have a protective effect.

For heart attacks, researchers tested 120 mg a day on 73 patients (group A) and gave placebo to 71 patients (group B). Both were given their respective supplement for four weeks following a heart attack.

Here are the results:

— Eight percent of group A had angina symptoms (chest pain), compared to 23% of group B

— For irregular heartbeats, the numbers were 9.5% of group A and 25% of group B

— For poor heart function, it was eight percent versus 23%

— For actual cardiac deaths, it was 15% versus 31%

— After one year, for repeat heart attacks, it was 14% versus 25%

Although this is preliminary data, you can plainly see the huge benefits of CoQ10 in this study. More studies will be needed before we can draw a definite conclusion.

Overall, the series has shown that this is an extremely promising supplement that still awaits absolute confirmation of its benefits for the heart. In the meantime, speak with your doctor about CoQ10’s potential in your specific case.

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