Five Herbal Remedies to Save Your Brain

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Five Herbal Remedies to Save Your BrainWhen it comes to health news, it’s difficult to make it through even a single day without hearing the word “Alzheimer’s.” As the baby boomer population ages, mental health is becoming as much a concern as physical health. Without an alert, perceptive mind, the quality of life of seniors and those who care for them can plummet. Even simple tasks like eating a meal can be difficult to accomplish. Alzheimer’s disease often leads to the difficult decision to institutionalize an aging parent.

In the ongoing battle to prevent Alzheimer’s from robbing seniors of their golden years, medical scientists are always on the lookout for alternative treatments that could protect the brain. The escalating epidemic of Alzheimer’s hasn’t been stopped in large part because there are no pharmaceutical treatments that have proven consistently effective. Research into botanicals that boost memory or cognition has skyrocketed.

In a recent clinical trial, scientists singled out five herbs that could help in the prevention and treatment of dementia symptoms. Based on a large review of studies, they found that St. John’s wort could be beneficial in the treatment of depression. Lemon balm and lavender could help alleviate agitation and anxiety in people with dementia. And, finally, “Gingko biloba” and sage were found to boost cognitive performance and promote clear thinking. The researchers concluded by stating that there needs to be an ongoing authoritative database on herbal medicines and dementia.

Alzheimer’s (and other forms of dementia) may be one of the few diseases that have to rely almost solely on natural cures. The brain is sufficiently complex that no one pharmaceutical drug has been able to offset the changes that take place in the brain when a person is inflicted with Alzheimer’s.

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