Flu Shot Alternative: A Potentially Game-Changing Natural Treatment for the Flu

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Bawa_091115A team of Canadian doctors has developed a medicine to combat the flu. The product, called “Defeat,” is a fresh version of a formula known as Shuanghuanglian, a combination of three powerful ancient Chinese herbs that have been used for decades in China. The Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals Corporation (CPC) simply added to the formula and delivered it in a pill form.

There are several traits that have doctors excited about the potential of Defeat. First, it is non-specific, meaning it fights any strain of the flu. John Danylowich, who was part of the development and marketing of Defeat, sums it up best: “It slows or stops the replication of the virus, and it’s non-specific, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s an A or B influenza, or whatever the seasonal strain is at the time.”

The product is also a natural blend. Canada’s natural health industry is worth more than $11.0 billion dollars, much of it spurred on by doctors in the West. It exports just over $1.0 billion of its natural health products to the U.S. each year, the most it sends to any other nation.

Dr. Bob Chapman, program leader of the Natural Health Products for the National Research Council, says, “The culture on the West Coast is much more about healthy living. And any advantage that you can get, including natural health products, I think that you guys are tuned into, educated about, and putting your dollar behind.” He adds that the proximity to the Pacific Rim nations also plays a significant role.

More discoveries have been made by this group of researchers, including a compound from of ginseng they feel can fight depression and Alzheimer’s. Initial tests have shown substantial cognitive enhancement effects, which suggest it has the potential to be developed to treat dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

The medication has already passed two out of three rounds of testing. Researchers are confident that once complete, the product will “last in the market.”

Defeat is expected to be out at some point this fall for the cold and flu season. It is the first product of its kind licensed by Health Canada. A license has also been granted for export to India.

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