Home Remedies for Swollen Lymph Nodes

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home remedies for swollen lymph nodesHave you found a lump behind the ear lately…and are you worried? Anytime we find an unfamiliar bump on our bodies, our first reaction is to panic. But, while lumps can be a cause for concern, they’re not always a sign of a serious underlying condition. So today we’re going to look at one culprit behind this kind of lump that’s treatable—a swollen lymph node.

The first time I discovered a tender lump behind my ear, it was definitely a frightening experience. After a visit to my family doctor, I quickly realized that it was nothing to worry about. And, after doing some more research on my own, I discovered that a lump behind the ear is rarely a reason to panic.  And it’s actually more common than you may think.

What Causes a Lump Behind the Ear?

A swollen lymph node, which is what I had, is the most common reason why a lump can develop behind the ear. There are other causes which resulting in a swollen lymph node, including allergies, the flu or a cold, strep throat, or tooth abscesses. So, a swollen lymph node is usually a sign that the body’s trying to fight off an infection.

However, if you discover a lump behind the ear, you should see a medical practitioner. Get your doctor to check it out and follow their recommendations according to the diagnosis. If it turns out your lump is the result of a mild allergic reaction, a recent cold, or some other infection, I have a few natural remedies that can help soothe your swollen lymph node in no time.

Home Remedies for Swollen Lymph Nodes

While it’s always important to follow the directions of your doctor, there are also some natural home remedies you can try to help relieve some of the discomfort and speed up your recovery time.

I found that gargling with salt water, drinking diluted apple cider vinegar, or having a teaspoon of honey helped bring down the swelling. If you prefer a topical treatment, try applying a warm compress, massaging your swollen lymph node, or rubbing castor oil directly on it.

These natural home remedies worked for me,and I hope they will work for you, too. Following these simple treatments in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations will help remedy your lymph node discomfort, and help you recover that much faster.

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