Canada’s Cold-Fighting Secret Might Really Work

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Most Canadians already know about the natural cold- fighting combination that can help cut their number of colds down by a quarter. It’s a secret to other nations, but it’s been helping Canadians fight off the cold and flu for some time now. What is this secret product I am talking about?

 It is none other than “Cold FX.” However, this cold- and flu-fighting herbal package is losing its mystery, as it is now getting a lot of press for its apparent benefits.

 A recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that people who took the ginseng-extract product had significantly fewer instances of colds and upper respiratory tract infections than those who were given a placebo did.

 The study involved 279 patients, where 130 of them were given Cold FX. People taking ginseng had a 25% reduction in the number of colds they acquired. In addition, those taking Cold FX also had less severe symptoms and averaged almost six days less of actual sickness than people who took the placebo did.

 These results are very promising. However the study was paid for by the manufacturer of Cold FX — CV Technologies of Edmonton, Alberta, so it should be viewed with scrutiny.

 Still, this may be a good option for people who are prone to catching colds. A moderate dose of just two capsules a day seemed effective when taken for as long as four months. Just watch for studies that show the longer-term effects of this product. If you can’t find Cold FX in your local health store, try looking for an equivalent ginseng product.

 As with every natural therapy, make sure to check with your doctor before starting on a ginseng therapy, as it may interact with some medications and physical conditions.

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