Dr. Foxx’s Urgent Message

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My name is Dr. Richard Foxx and on Wednesday, I sent you a very special message regarding your health and the greatest medical secret I know.

 I sincerely hope you read my entire message and went to the accompanying web site because it was probably the most extensive report on your health you’ll ever read.

 Entitled the MD Wellness Handbook, it reveals nine different medical secrets that can help you treat and prevent a lot of the pain, illnesses, and diseases that could be affecting you or a loved one.

 These are the health secrets that doctors use when they need to treat or prevent sickness. Look, if it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for you! Trust me on this one.

 But I’ll be blunt: My publisher has informed me that there was a specific number of handbooks printed and that once they’re gone, she won’t be able to get any more in until sometime next week.

 And because these books are being given away for free, the quantities are dwindling.

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