How Seniors Can Find a New Doctor

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So, you’ve been going to the same doctor for almost your whole life, or at least the better part of a decade. What do you do when you have to change physicians so late in the game? It may be that your doctor is retiring or that you have moved. Maybe you find that your doctor is too set in his ways and you want to try out some alternative therapies.

 It doesn’t matter why you have to switch, but it does matter who you switch to. Don’t feel stuck just yet, though. You can find a good doctor, no matter what your age. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the path to finding a new doctor:

 –Get Professional Advice

 If you really like your current doctor, but he is retiring or moving, you may be able to ask him to request someone else that he respects. It’s likely that your doctor will be able to recommend someone with similar values and beliefs as his own. If you’re the one on the move, you can also ask if your doctor knows of a good physician in your new area. If that fails, try asking other individuals in the medical profession. For instance, ask nurses or doctors at your local hospital, who you may have interacted with before.

 –Call Around First

 Before you actually make an appointment to see the doctor (or doctors) you are considering switching to, call their office first. Make sure that the staff is friendly and competent. Also, ask them questions about how long a typical wait might be or if you can book an appointment to meet with the doctor. Ask if they take emergency visits or not. Finally, make certain that the particular office you are considering will accept your type of health insurance.

 –Make Sure You Get What You Need

 Think about the qualities you liked about your old doctor and what is important to you in a physician. Do you like doctors who listen to you and advise you on your lifestyle as well as your health? Do you want someone who is open to natural and complimentary therapies? Also, if you speak a language other than English, think about whether or not you’d like a doctor whose native tongue is the same as your own. Also, make sure the doctor’s office is nearby or at least accessible by whatever means of transit you are most likely to use.

 –Meet with Your New Doctor

 Finally, meet the doctor and see how well you get along with him. Check his knowledge of your medical problems and his willingness to take the appropriate amount of time to talk to you. Bring along a sheet of questions so you can ask him everything that matters. Hopefully, this will help you find a great doctor.

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