Glaucoma Linked to this Syndrome

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Metabolic syndrome has become a catch word in health news circles. The syndrome refers to a whole bunch of medical disorders that increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It affects one in five people in the U.S. Prevalence increases with age.

Metabolic syndrome can lead to the development of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Research points to genetic factors, too much body fat, and lack of exercise as possible factors that contribute to the condition.

Now, researchers at the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Michigan Medical School, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, have found that there is a link between metabolic syndrome and glaucoma.

The researchers conducted a massive review of over 2 million beneficiaries 40 years and older who were continuously enrolled in a managed care network who had 1 or more visits to an eye care provider during 2001 to 2007. 55 000 patients met the inclusion criteria had open angle glaucoma.

After analyzing the data, the researchers determined that those with diabetes alone or in combination with hypertension, had an increased hazard of developing glaucoma compared to persons without either disease. They also discovered, in contrast, that people who only had hyperlipidemia (a high concentration of fats in the blood), showed a 5% decreased hazard of glaucoma.

The message to take away from this study is that those who have diabetes or hypertension need to take extra care to protect their eyesight. Take one simple step by following this health advice. Add these healing foods to your weekly diet: yellow, orange, or dark green fruits and vegetables.