Good News: Depression Could Be Eased with Healthy Choices

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Depression can affect anyone. It is not a condition that is confined to any one age group or to one particular sex. Young and old people, men and women can all feel depression. There are many reasons why someone might be depressed. Psychotherapy can be an excellent way to discover these reasons. Often a life-changing event can trigger depression. The loss of a job, a death in the family, or a long-term illness can bring feelings of sadness that linger for months.

But did you know that poor dietary choices can also lead to depression? There are many vitamins and minerals that are absolutely essential for boosting mood and mental outlook. The B vitamins, for example, are needed for brain health. If you are not getting enough B vitamins, you will likely suffer from mood swings. There are very real physiological symptoms that result from a deficiency in these vitamins.

Biotin is needed for helping cells to use energy. It also helps with synthesis of both fatty acids and nucleic acids. And thiamin is needed to maintain energy levels. Thiamin also helps in breaking down starches and sugars. Riboflavin is involved in energy production, too, helping your body to get and use energy from proteins.

Now if you are deficient in these vitamins, you can see that some pretty important processes are going to be disrupted. Energy production is going to be minimal. Your brain cells will have less to function with. But it doesn’t stop there. When you are deficient in vitamin B12, your body cannot clear out an amino acid called homocysteine. High amounts of this amino acid have been directly linked to depression. Adequate amounts of folate and selenium are also needed to keep your mood positive.

It’s not surprising then that a recent study found that those who smoke or who are overweight or inactive are much more likely to suffer from depression. The researchers believe that the study shows that depression needs to be treated as a combined problem of mental and physical health.

Give your mental health the boost it deserves and make sure you have an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals. Get some exercise and try to avoid smoking and drinking excessively. Without these factors upping your risk for depression, you may find you feel quite positive and mentally strong.