Headache Treatments from the Far East

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The pain that strikes along the nerves in your face, head or neck is called a headache. Such pain can be temporary and mild, or chronic and debilitating. For some people, they are rare and for others they can factor into everyday life. Because the symptoms, triggers, and level of pain vary from person to person, it’s hard to consider one treatment. But 90% of all people will, once they find the treatment that works for them, be able to eliminate the pain successfully.

Here are some good treatment options that arise out of Chinese medicine:

1. Acupuncture
Headaches are one of the best uses for acupuncture, and Western doctors recognize that the treatment works well. That’s probably because there is good evidence behind it. Studies have successfully found that this ancient technique could reduce pain as well as the number of days people spend with a headache. It has also proven to lower dependence on painkillers.

For a headache, the needles will often be inserted in the legs, arms and shoulders. This has a high success rate and is capable of limiting the pain of virtually any headache. The session lasts between five and 30 minutes, and may have to be performed weekly for a certain period of time.

2. Ginkgo Biloba
This Chinese herb could stop inflammation, as its core ingredients have been proven to do so. Chew ginger, or take it in powder form, at about 500 mg with water every five hours or so when you begin to feel those nagging headache symptoms.

3. Chinese Massage
A type of acupressure massage could work wonders for a minor headache. There are very simple ways you yourself could cure the pain. One way is to find the point in the webbing of your thumb — between the thumb and index finger. Press in there firmly and hold for a few minutes. Repeat with other hand. You will feel relaxation as well. The other point is directly between the eyebrows at the start of the forehead. Apply gentle pressure for here for two or three minutes. Repeat as often as you like.

4. Peppermint oil
Chinese remedies generally use the oil of mint, but it’s the same ingredient that works for the oil and menthol. You can find peppermint oil in any health store. Smooth the oil across your temples and feel your tension headache start to slip away.

5. Po Chai
If you are sick after a meal and a headache is involved, Po Chai could be your ticket. One dose will likely be sufficient. It’s known to limit dizziness, too.

6. Niu Huang Chieh Tu Pien
Calling skullcap, rhubarb and gypsum its main ingredients, this formula is a strong anti-inflammatory. It could treat a headache by cooling down inflammation and encouraging toxins to leave the liver and large intestine.

7. Xiao Yao Wan
This herbal remedy could treat a headache caused by indigestion, food allergies and even depression. It’s considered safe to use over the long term, as it is meant to balance the body.

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