Healing Foods

If you’re depending on potentially harmful prescription drugs to maintain your health, I’ve got some exciting news for you: There are foods that could be helping you instead of the drugs you are currently taking. We like to call them “healing foods” but you’ll call them food miracles. And each month in Dr. Victor Marchione’s Food Doctor newsletter, we’ll reveal the latest healing foods available to you.

Even better, most of these healing foods are probably sitting on your grocer’s shelves right now. And if a monthly newsletter on healing foods isn’t enough, you can also find the latest healing foods through our free Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin. All our health news articles and reports are based on scientific researches and studies published by leading health publication sites like National Institutes of Health (NIH)BioMed Central etc.

Every day, we send you the latest natural health breakthroughs including information on supplements, herbal remedies and healing foods. And the best part of all, a lot of these healing foods aren’t just good for you, they’re also delicious as well.