Healthy Mind, Healthy Eating

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Healthy Mind, Healthy EatingHere’s some nutrition advice to help you approach food and diet in a healthier way. Rather than trying to force healthy foods like whole grains and veggies into every meal, let these foods come to you. So…how the heck does that happen? According to researchers, approaching meals in a calm, mindful way can naturally steer you toward healthier eating habits.

If you’re like most people, meals are probably a rushed affair. Breakfast may be eaten on the fly or not at all. Lunch, unless you prepare it ahead of time, is likely a last-minute decision in which you grab whatever you can find on the shelves or in the fridge that doesn’t require any preparation. And dinner, while traditionally approached in a more thoughtful way with a little planning and
preparation involved, can still lack all the elements of a healthy meal. You might make the effort to eat some protein and vegetables, but leave out the whole grains — or you may remember the whole grains and protein, but leave out the veggies.

Rather than trying to remember to include a list of healthy foods in your meals each day, before each meal, simply set aside a few minutes where you calm your mind and put yourself into a state of awareness. Take note of how your body feels. What are you worrying about? Try to put these worries aside, at least long enough to eat your meal. How hungry are you? Have you waited too long to eat? Is your body now desperate for a “pick-me-up” and craving the quick energy of sugar? Or are you thirsty? Have you forgotten to drink any water at all during the morning hours and now your body is craving any kind of food to compensate for being dehydrated?

Give yourself a chance to go beyond these feelings and settle into a place where you can eat a full, balanced meal. Allow yourself the time to prepare this healthy meal and enjoy the fact that you are going to give your body all the nutrients it needs to feel healthy and strong. Appreciate the fact that you have access to fresh, nutritious foods. Drink a little water before eating.

And don’t despair about the time this might require! All you need is five minutes before each meal to get yourself in the right frame of mind to eat healthy. And once you start doing that, it should follow that all those extra nutrients will go towards healing any health issues you have.

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