Women Take Heart Disease Less Seriously Than Men Do

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According to a recent study, women are less likely to take heart disease as seriously as men. This finding comes on the tail of research that shows more women suffer from heart disease than do men.

 While the risks are the same in both sex groups, men seem to perceive their condition more seriously than women do. The study showed that women who had worse health actually thought their conditions were much less serious than was actually the case. According to the study, men saw heart disease as being a severe condition.

 The researchers surveyed 147 women and 348 men who had experienced severe angina or a heart attack. They found that when they asked questions regarding how their health was, the women less frequently said their condition was severe. This is despite the fact that the women tended to experience more symptoms of their disease — and that they took more medications to control it.

 There are a few possible reasons for this difference of perception between men and women. The women in the study tended to be older than the men were, and they also generally had less education than the men did. Also, the women were not able to perform daily functions as well as the men could and therefore they reported a lower quality of life.

 Their overall mental, physical, and general health was also rated as being worse than was found with the men. It’s starting to sound like the women just had so much else to worry about that their heart problem didn’t seem so bad in comparison.

 One of the authors noted that women might also be too busy taking care of their homes and families to consider their symptoms as seriously as men would. However, this is very new finding that women would pretty much shrug off a heart attack or angina while men would consider it a severe problem. More studies may be needed to back this up.

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