Here’s One of Homeopathy’s Heavy Hitters

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healing secretsWe come to you with one of the biggest healing secrets from the lesser-known world of homeopathy. Its name is “Belladonna” and it could help treat some of the most common symptoms around.

With its name meaning “beautiful woman,” Italians allegedly used the nightshade plant — which is poisonous — to make their eyes sparkle in the 1500s. As it turns out, symptoms of Belladonna poisoning are close to those of scarlet fever: red face; dilated pupils; dim vision; nausea; fever; dry mouth; sore throat; and on and on.

In 1799, Belladonna became one of homeopathy’s first remedies. It is widely used to this day for the following seven health conditions (note that each condition is followed by its characteristic symptoms that indicate Belladonna as a remedy):

1. Fever: This fever makes you very hot, especially in the head. It may alternate with chills. There is no sweating usually (only on covered areas), but there may be grinding of teeth. You feel worse when in the sun, and almost any time of the day besides the morning.

2. Cold/cough: This cold will present with headache and loss of smell and taste. Chills and being wet are common causes. Belladonna should be given in the early stages. The cough will be hard, barking, dry and exhausting. This can be a violent cough that is worse in the night and when you breathe deeply. Chest pains, hoarse voice, irritation, and a rattling chest are common.

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3. Headache/migraine: Cold air, sun exposure, and a wet head might have brought on this throbbing, hammering headache. The pulsating pain could be in the back of the head, behind the eyes, in the forehead, or the temples. What feels better: resting the head; laying in a dark room; applying pressure.

4. Ear infection: The tearing pain spreads down into your neck. Your face aches and you may hear noises in your ear. Pain is worse on the right side.

5. Insomnia: May include bad nightmares, dreams of falling, and moaning in the night. Sleep is restless and a constant state of sleepiness develops.

6. Sore throat: With swollen glands, the pain is severe and the throat is raw. It’s worse when trying to swallow beverages; yet you want to swallow constantly.

7. Sunstroke: This is the kind that includes fever and headache.

Belladonna will work best for people who are generally fit and energetic. The onset of sickness for a Belladonna patient is sudden and symptoms are bad immediately — generally including throbbing pain, fever, redness, dryness, and dilated pupils. You feel better with a cold compress or when resting in the dark. Emotionally, there is a strong tendency to strike out in anger. You are very irritable and
don’t have control over it. Anxiety, confusion, restlessness, and sensitivity to light are common.

Make sure you get this homeopathic remedy at a reputable health store or pharmacy. Do not attempt to make a Belladonna homeopathic remedy yourself.