How to Escape That Emotional Rollercoaster

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Escape That Emotional RollercoasterNot a small number of us are prone to serious emotional and psychological symptoms. And many overlap one another, teaming up for a knockout punch. You could be in the throes of grief, and also facing depression. Fear and anxiety are often coupled together. Rage is a strong emotion that could exist all on its own, or be coupled along with many other symptoms. To help soothe these fiery nerves, we have a two-part article on the top-10 homeopathic remedies. Today, we look at remedies one through five.

1. Ignatia Amara

This is one of the best remedies for grief. It is indicated for emotions stemming from the worst kinds of news: the death of a loved one or a beloved pet, a relationship that has ended. You might blow through many states, from weeping to sobbing to a mix of laughter and crying. Ignatia is for sudden, overwhelming emotional losses or shocks. One main symptom is a lump in the throat. You will likely lose your appetite entirely. Your face and mouth might start twitching involuntarily. This remedy won’t get rid of grief, but it will allow you to function in the grips of tragedy.

2. Pulsatilla

Pulsatilla is also for the type of person who will break down weeping upon being told bad news. In other words, an overly emotional person. It is for those who are tearful, dependent on others. The main symptoms are weeping and a need for consolation. Without encouragement from others, grief and fright can fade into despair.

3. “Rescue Remedy”

This commercial product blends the essential oils of five flowers believed to relieve emotional problems. Rock rose is for panic, impatiens is for irritation and impatience, clematis is for inattentiveness, star of Bethlehem is for shock, and cherry plum for irrational thinking. Since it is born from vegetation, this remedy belongs in any homeopathic discussion of emotional distress. It is sold in a bottle and you use a dropper to swallow a tiny amount. It’s helpful if you are overwhelmed by grief in any situation or if it is only lingering in the back of your head. It’s not possible to overdose, and it can help ground you.

4. Aurum Metallicum

Turn to this remedy for depression that is particularly bad, grief that is strong, sadness that is gripping, and despair that is intense. You should most certainly see a healthcare practitioner if you have suicidal thoughts, but in the meantime, Aurum is a possibility. It is called far if you’ve recently suffered a big loss of money, status, love, or possessions. The predominant feeling is that everything is gone, there is no point in going on, and that all your best efforts went for naught. Bouts of anger might erupt amid your grieving. Aurum will help encourage you to seek professional help instead of sliding into a worse mental place.

5. Gelsemium

Finally we come to Gelsemium, called for by those who suffer anxiety and a lack of confidence when faced with upcoming events. There is worry about an exam or a speech, and then there is this: trembling, full-body weakness, dizziness, heavy limbs, and frequent urination. There is a strong desire to close the door and lock the world outside.

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