How to Slow Down Cancer Naturally

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How to Slow Down Cancer NaturallyThe fatal nature of cancer lies doesn’t lie so much in the tumor that develops; it’s the spread of cancer throughout the body that’s most lethal. A new health breakthrough turned the tables a little bit and opted not to look at what natural substances can fight a tumor — but rather, which ones can slow the spread of cancer. And it’s led to some enlightening and positive news for treating cancer.

The unique study, which comes out of Washington State University, led to the conclusion that diet, nutrients and natural chemicals within plants (like flavonoids) could possess abilities to halt cancer in its tracks. It was published online in the journal “Cancer and Metastasis Reviews.”

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The researcher focused on genes that stop the process of “metastasis,” which is one of the scariest terms in all of health. That is clinical term for cancer spreading. Searching through the medical literature, the researcher found that the link between nutrients and metastasis is not a common topic in studies. People tended to study the genes that suppress metastasis, but not substances that could be playing a role in that suppression.

So the researcher looked harder into the studies and documented a group of such substances that directly seemed to affect the genes of different cancer that control its spread.

That list of substances included vitamin D (of course, as this is a huge disease-fighter), several amino acids, ginseng, lycopene (the cancer-fighter within tomatoes that turns them red), ethanol, pomegranate juice, curcumin, and fish oil. These, and others, affected cancer of the breast, colon, prostate, skin and lung.

These substances, some of  the most popular in alternative medicine, were able to turn metastasis suppressor genes on or off. Therefore, what you choose to eat, or perhaps buy in the supplement shop, could affect the spread of tumor cells. Unfortunately, this is an area that has not been well studied — but, of course, should be. Why don’t we spend more time studying the cancer-fighting nutrients within easy-to-find foods rather than constantly focusing attention on drugs?

Not surprisingly, the researcher calls for more investigation into how nutrients and metastasis are connected. Also, it is clear that there are many more natural compounds out there, more chemicals found within food cures, that haven’t even been looked into yet. The answers to fighting cancer will be found in nature — the hard part is the search.