How to Take Back Your Life

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How to be stress-freeToday, I read a blog on the Huffington Post written by Anca Dumitru who is a freelance writer and marketer. I have been a health coach for over 27 years and this type of theme is exactly what I tend to spend a great deal of my time on with clients and patients who want better health. I would like to review this blog with you and place my own “spin” on it as it contains some very important information which could change the way you think.

This is a story that we can all relate to. It’s about a person who had a high stress job and was working very long hours. This person was unhappy with her career and her position in life. At one point she realized that she was approaching complete burn-out. Although she took time off, the problem soon returned after exposing herself to the same environment which was responsible for her poor health. After another year, she was laid-off from her job. Now most people would consider this situation to be a minor catastrophe, but she considered this to be a major step in the right direction. Here are a few things to contemplate regarding this kind of experience and what can be learned from it.

Do Something You Enjoy

Your career is not just a source of income. It has to have meaning and be intrinsically important to you and perhaps others. It should bring you purpose, empowerment, challenge, opportunities for growth, and enjoyment. Now, of course, not all jobs will provide this to you but if you are serious regarding your level of health and well-being, you will be involved in work which will not control you, allow you enough time for yourself and your family, and will be an overall enjoyable experience.

Stop Putting Yourself Down

How often do you blame yourself unfairly or put yourself down? The basis for a great deal of human suffering is related to how we feel about ourselves and our own self-image. Trust me, there will be enough people who will choose to put you down behind your back, so you really should place your own level of self-worth at the forefront of your life. Do not be shy to understand how important you are and the contributions you can make. You can still be humble and highly self-actualized.

It’s Okay to Say No

I am sure you realize how stressful it can be to be manipulated into doing things because people know you can’t say no. This is the way you can bring too much stress upon yourself by promising too much to too many people. The funny thing about this is why people have a problem saying no. They want to look cooperative, compliant, dependable, and easygoing. They don’t want to appear to be hard to get along with, difficult, or confrontational and they feel guilty when they finally do say no. If you have a good reason for doing so then say no, but do so in a way which does not offend and supply the reason for it. If you do not, you will quickly lose control of your time, freedom, and self-respect. When you lose your self-respect, it’s time to re-think your attitudes.

Be Grateful and Thankful

When you remember that there are many things you can be grateful for, the small stresses of life seem inconsequential and unimportant in retrospect. This process will allow you to develop something we often stray from: perspective. Focus upon the positive attributes of your life and this will bring you a continual feeling of happiness and contentment. It will keep you grounded and provide you with the perspective to understand that you should not sweat the small stuff.

You Are Unique

It is just not cool to compare yourself with anyone for any reason. That would be like comparing an apple with an orange, would it not? You are who you are and you should be happy with that. There is nothing wrong with self-improvement but do NOT even think for a moment that someone is any better or more deserving than you are because of X, Y, or Z.

Do Something Just for You

Try to spend 10-15 minutes on your own every day in a quiet place. When you do this, practice some deep abdominal breathing or progressive relaxation exercises. This will greatly decrease your blood pressure, heart rate, and stress response. Practice control over your emotions, thoughts and your body.

Never negotiate away your self-worth, self-respect or health for anything.

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