If You’re Worried That Your Next Fall Could Be Your Last. . .

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Do you stay inside your house when the weather is bad because you’re worried you might slip and fall?

 Do you avoid using the stairs because you’re worried about tripping and risking a broken bone?

 Do you have trouble remembering important things, like when to take your medication?

 Do all of your worries make you anxious that you may end up in a nursing home and loose your independence?

 I don’t want that to happen to you — that’s why I’ve put together 17 tips and tricks to help you keep your independence.

 — With this handy little gadget you’ll never again forget to take your pills;

 — When this phone gets a call, you won’t miss is or have any problems hearing the person on the other end;

 — Using these three innovations in your bathroom will help keep you free of the embarrassment that comes with needing another person to help you on the toilet, or in the tub and shower.

And that’s not all! With my help you’ll also discover how you can feel confident driving again — with the fast pace of the world today, driving can be a scary thing! You’ll get tips on how to make those ordinary tasks that have become burdens easy again — things like getting dressed in the morning, grocery shopping and running errands, cooking and more.