Is Your Cell Phone Dangerous to Your Health?

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Did you know that the billions of cells in your body communicate with each other through low electromagnetic signals? This communication happens continuously along a whole network of signal pathways inside your body. Information that travels along this communication network is used for all the biochemical and physiological processes of your body. Unfortunately, when you are exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from the outside world, these very important processes can be disrupted and messages between cells thrown off their pathways.

As you can imagine, this has the potential to cause serious problems with your health. Cell membranes can literally harden, damage occurs and then things are definitely not going to work properly. If you could see inside your own body and watch your own biochemical processes, you would notice that nutrients aren’t getting into cells, and toxins aren’t getting out. Your immune system can become compromised. Your nervous system is likely to be affected. And your brain may be in danger, too.

When EMR interferes with your body, your hormones may get thrown seriously out of whack. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and other heavy-hitters in your endocrine system can fluctuate when barraged with electro-magnetic radiation. The reason why this can create serious problems for you is that your hormones literally control the activity of your cells and your organs. Estrogen is needed to regulate your metabolism and to aid bone formation, for example. And testosterone is important for energy and immune function.

What is one of the biggest sources of EMR? Cell phones release radiation every time you talk on the phone. In fact, some studies suggest that 70% to 80% of radiation from cell phones is absorbed into your head. Even if conclusive evidence is still forthcoming regarding cell phone use and health, common sense says that a deluge of radiation like that can’t be considered harmless: it will affect you in some way, and it will likely be a negative effect.

In one recent study, radiation from cell phones could be the cause of an increase in brain cancers among women 20 to 29 years old (a group that is made up of some of the heaviest cell phone users).

Now a new problem has arisen in connection with cell phone use. It seems that a rash can appear along your jaw, cheek or ear. In this case however, the rash isn’t caused by EMR, but is the result of a nickel allergy.

Symptoms of cell phone allergy can include a red, bumpy, itchy rash in areas where the nickel-containing parts of a cell phone touch the face. It can even affect fingertips of those who text continuously on buttons containing nickel. In severe cases, blisters and itchy sores can develop.

To remedy this problem, buy a phone cover, opt for a hands-free device, use the speaker phone or switch to a phone that doesn’t contain nickel on surfaces that touch your skin.