Joint Pain: Simple & Effective Ways to Manage It Naturally

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Manage Joint Pain

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the problems associated with joint pain. You know that it can make a simple task like carrying your purse or getting out of bed a major ordeal.

The truth is that when your joints hurt, you’re at major risk of a fall or some other peril. Not to mention severely diminished quality of life.

But, you don’t have to suffer from joint pain. There are simple steps you can take that could relieve the stress on your joints while going about your daily activities.

Life Hacks to Help You Manage Joint Pain

You should keep in mind that these simple life hacks will not cure or eliminate your joint pain. But, they can help keep the pain in check, so that you can at least do the little things more comfortably.

For those with arthritis or joint pain, carrying a grocery bag, purse, or other item in your hands can wreak havoc on your knuckles and wrists. Gripping items when you have joint pain is extremely difficult and can suck the joy out of virtually any movement you do.

One way to manage joint pain in the knuckles and wrists is to use your forearms when carrying items. Simply slide the handle around your wrist to free your hands of the stress!

And, if you need to open a door and there’s no button to press, lean in and use your shoulder to give it a nudge!

Getting up from a seated position or out of bed is a struggle for people who suffer from joint pain in the knees. The truth is your cane may not always be within reach, and support handles can’t always be installed where you need them.

One way to reduce stress on your knees is to push the floor down through your heels when you need to stand up. Doing this takes the stress off your knee joint so that you use the big, strong muscles in your legs.

Also, avoid bringing your knee joint to a fully locked position and maintain a slight bend. This will put the stress on your leg muscle instead of the joint.

I know these little hacks won’t totally alleviate your joint pain. But hopefully, in conjunction with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet that fights inflammation, they can at least make your day-to-day life a little easier!

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