Lengthen Your Life in Just 10 Minutes Every Day?

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Lengthen Your Life in Just 10 Minutes Every DayWe all understand the value that regular exercise can bring to our lives. The list of the positive benefits that exercise can provide is quite long and seems to be getting longer every time new research is presented regarding the effects of regular exercise upon human health outcomes.

But what if I were to tell you that just 10 minutes of exercise each day is all you need to see its potentially life-changing benefits?

Well, according to some new research conducted in the U.S., adults who exercise as much as 10 minutes per day can increase their longevity.

Researchers from the U.S. National Cancer Institute looked at the data from 650,000 adults over the age of 40 living in Sweden and the U.S. They calculated the amounts of activity reported and death rates within this large group of people.

What they found was that even 75 minutes of activity per week (about 10 minutes per day) was associated with an additional 1.8 years of longevity contrasted with those who did not exercise at all.

However, more importantly, the research also indicated that those who participated in brisk walking for at least 60 minutes per day had an average increase in life expectancy of 4.5 years compared to those who did not exercise at all.

This finding was regardless of the affects body weight had upon each participant, but those who were of normal weight and physically active added 7.2 years to their longevity. This was contrasted with a person who was of normal weight and inactive, who lost 4.7 years off their life expectancy on average.

This is a huge difference!

According to the study’s authors, “This finding may help convince currently inactive persons that a modest physical activity program is ‘worth it’ for healthy benefits, even if it may not result in weight control.”

I could not agree more with this assertion. Too many times people cannot motivate themselves to exercise because they think it will take too much effort or time. They think of themselves having to join a gym and the effort required seems insurmountable.

The fact is—it’s really not that bad at all!

Since 10 minutes per day of walking is better than no exercise at all, those who are currently inactive may be motivated by the results of this research to get up and go for a 10-minute walk every day. There is a payoff, albeit a small one.

According to some survey evidence, only approximately 15% of adults are getting the minimum requirement of 150 minutes of moderately paced exercise per week.

In order for exercise to be helpful, people need at least 30 minutes per session of uninterrupted activity. People also need a combination of cardiovascular, resistance, and core exercise training to experience all the health benefits of exercising, including extended longevity.

The most common reason people use for not exercising regularly is that they have no time or it’s not a priority for them.

Well, if I understood that regular exercise could control my weight and give me seven more yearsthat would be enough for me to find the time by reprioritizing my life!

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