How Sleep Position Could Improve the Quality of Your Relationship

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Improve Your Health with a Happy RelationshipI’ve always been a firm believer that one can rarely judge another’s relationship from the outside looking in. Just because two people seem different or even too-good-to-be-true in front of others, that doesn’t mean they do or don’t work. No one ever knows what happens behind closed doors, when two people are alone.

And apparently, the quality of a relationship can be measured in the most private of places: the bedroom. But we’re not talking sex, here. Instead, a research team concluded that position and proximity during sleep can indicate how happy two people are within a relationship.

Researchers surveyed more that 1,000 people about their sleep position and how happy they were in their relationship. It turned out that the closer they slept together, the happier they were. In fact, 86% of those who slept within one inch of each other reported being in happy relationships, while 94% who slept in constant contact reported a happy relationship.

In comparison, people who slept further away from each other were less enthused about the quality of their relationships. Only 66% of respondents who slept at least 30 inches from each other said they were happy.

Now, I wouldn’t put too much weight on the results of this study. After all, surveys are rarely reliable, and who really knows what position they’re in while sleeping throughout the night—people do tend to toss and turn. Also, couples who first get together are more likely to sleep closer together, while comfort takes over as time progresses. In fact, some of the most loving couples sleep in separate beds.

Being in a happy relationship is very important to your health. It can lead to reductions in stress, worrying, and feelings of isolation, while providing all kinds of joy, companionship, and fun. Sometimes, however, a relationship might lose its spark over time, and this can create some unneeded stress that can take a toll on your health.

If you think you want to stay in the relationship and make improvements, there are some things you and your partner can do (besides sleeping closer together).

Opening up lines of communication is essential to creating a happy, healthy relationship. Talking openly about personal subjects, feelings, concerns, interests, or anything can help people grow closer because it illustrates who they really are, while generating a solid understanding of each member’s perspective. Clear communication can alleviate stress and anxiety to benefit the relationship and your general health.

Finding ways to keep your relationship interesting is also a great way to build a better connection. It can be easy to fall into a routine that can ultimately lead to partners drifting apart. When couples do things together—like trying new activities, introducing date nights, or adding new elements to the relationship—it gives them a chance to rediscover each other, grow together, and potentially bring them closer. It lets them enjoy each other’s company and can lead to a new appreciation and excitement towards each other.

If you’re unhappy with your relationship and it’s causing you added stress, do something about it; it will be good for your health. It could be something as easy as sleeping closer to your partner or telling them more of what’s on your mind; even a visit to a new restaurant every week could do the trick. Whatever it is, if it can improve your quality of life, it’s probably worth it!

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