Look Better, Feel Better, Live Longer

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For years the medical profession has been aware of the benefits that accrue when patients take the time and make the effort to care for themselves. In the last few years, however, we have become increasingly aware of the improvement in general health when we take the time to improve our appearance.

Not long ago, a group of physicians in the UK published several papers showing that patients who used effective “cosmeceutical” products (cosmetic products with purported medical benefits) and who underwent regular maintenance treatments were more likely to eat healthy foods and follow a workout program. The result was a general improvement in quality of life and a decreased incidence of depression.

Just recently, researchers from the University of Southern Denmark tracked almost 1,800 sets of twins and found that perceived age was significantly associated with survival.

Not only was there an association between perceived age and physical and mental functioning, they also found that, the bigger the difference in perceived age, the more likely it was that the older-looking twin died first.

That’s a good nugget to remember next time someone says that aesthetic medicine is all about fluff.