Lower Prostate Cancer Risk with Vitamin Packed Foods

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Vitamin E always seems to be in the news for one reason or another. Since 2004 it has been gaining a bad reputation in the supplement world with studies showing it can cause a higher risk of mortality (which, let’s be honest, is something you can’t avoid in the end no matter how well you take care of yourself).

 But the latest study is shedding some good light on vitamin E — specifically gamma-tocopherol (gamma-Toc).

 You probably didn’t know that there are actually four forms of vitamin E and that the form found in supplements differs from that found in foods.

 Well fortunately for those at risk of prostate cancer, gamma-Toc is the form found in foods.

 A new study published in “Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention” took a close look at the effect of vitamin E and prostate cancer.

 Looking at nearly 300,000 men aged 50 to 71, the researchers did follow-ups over a 5-year period.

 They concluded that vitamin E in supplement form has no effect on prostate cancer. But vitamin E from foods was another story. In this study it was associated with a 32% reduction in the risk of advanced prostate cancer. The researchers did not indicate how much vitamin E was consumed from food sources on a daily basis.

 There will no doubt be further studies into vitamin E from food sources and its effects on prostate cancer. In the meantime why not enjoy some of these delicious foods and get your daily dose of gamma-Toc:

 — Almonds, unsalted — Apples with skin — Asparagus — Avocados — Eggs — Olive oil — Peanuts — Peanut Butter — Peanut oil — Spinach, raw — Sunflower oil — Sweet potatoes — Tomatoes, raw — Tomato juice