McDonald’s Offers Its First Organic Burger in Germany

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burgerMcDonald’s is set to offer its first 100% organic beef hamburger in Germany for a limited time, beginning October 1. The new addition is called the “McB,” and it is sourced from organic beef at organic farms in Austria and Germany.

The burger will be offered until November 18 at about 1,500 McDonald’s locations in Germany. Besides the organic beef patty, the hamburger will also include Edam cheese, Lollo Bionda lettuce, tomatoes, red onion rings, pickles, and sauce.

In addition, McDonald’s will release the “Long McB” burger, which features organic beef, a sunflower seed bun, arugula, red onion rings, Maasdam cheese, tomato, and a spicy sauce.

In Germany, beef that is certified as organic does not contain synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and it comes from cattle that are pasture-raised and fed organic feed.

McDonald’s also announced earlier this month that its 16,000 restaurants in Canada and the U.S. would be switching to cage-free eggs by 2025. Within the next two years, the fast food chain also intends to only purchase chickens raised without antibiotics. In 2014, McDonald’s had pledged to buy at least some beef that is raised through environmentally and socially responsible practices. They have already been using grass-fed beef since 2010.

A shareholder group believes the company in the U.S. should still go further with its food buying practices by refusing to buy meat with antibiotics.

McDonald’s sales have slumped in recent years due to chains like Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., which are known to offer meat without antibiotics and hormones.

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