Missing These Four Minerals Could Be Harmful to Your Health

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Missing These Four Minerals Could Be Harmful to  Your HealthEight out of 10 people with fibromyalgia are women, but it can strike either gender at any age. This form of arthritis is characterized by chronic, widespread muscle pain and joint pain, most often centering on the neck, shoulders, spine and hips. Fibromyalgia could be linked to metabolic imbalances. Another school of thought believes that fibromyalgia results (in post-menopausal women) from a deficiency of the ovarian hormone “relaxin.” Other research has examined whether it might be low levels of the hormone cortisol that triggers the condition.

Now here’s a new theory about the cause of the condition: low levels of four key minerals — to be specific, magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese. This latest health news comes courtesy of a clinical trial recently conducted in Korea. There, researchers started with the premise that little is known about mineral status in fibromyalgia patients. So they devised a study that evaluated the amount of hair minerals in female patients with fibromyalgia compared with a healthy reference group.

Forty-four female patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia were enrolled in the study. Age and body mass were obtained from 122 control subjects during visits for their regular health check-ups. Hair minerals were analyzed and compared between the two groups.

General characteristics were not different between the two groups. However, fibromyalgia patients showed significantly lower levels of calcium, iron, copper and manganese. This could shed some light on the mystery of fibromyalgia. Perhaps many suffering from the frustrating condition are low in key minerals.

To steer clear of the disease — or to treat the condition if you already have it — boost your nutritional health with these healing foods:

— Dairy foods and dark leafy green vegetables to keep calcium levels up
— Almonds, avocados and barley to keep copper levels normal
— Eggs, fish, liver, and blackstrap molasses to boost iron levels
–Avocados, seaweed, and whole grains to promote healthy manganese levels

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