Natural Headache Remedies to Ease the Pain

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Natural Headache RemediesThe next time you have a headache, why not try a natural headache remedy to help ease the pain? Think about it: How many hours of your life have you lost to an irritating tension headache? I’ll bet it’s too many to count.

Well, I’ve got some natural—and pretty easy—techniques to share that can help you get that chunk of your life lost to these headaches back.

Tension Headache Pain: Preventive Measures

A tension headache can strike often and with varying severity—it can creep up on you slowly or make you feel like you’ve been struck on the head with a hammer. Either way, the simplest tasks will seem like monumental challenges. A headache can ruin your day and turn enjoyable interactions into angry arguments.

It’s virtually impossible to enjoy life when a headache hits, so thankfully I’ve found a few ways to help me deal with them—and I think they can be very useful to you, too.

But before I get into what to do when a headache hits, I’d like to point out a few valuable preventive measures. For example, making sure the basics are covered (you’ve eaten enough food, are hydrated, and have had enough sleep) is instrumental to preventing headaches. Sometimes the easiest way to take care of a headache is to eat or drink something.

But when a headache is stress-related, it might take a little more.

Natural Remedies to Soothe Headache Pain

Deep breathing can help induce relaxation and relieve headaches. Because stress headaches are usually accompanied by (or even caused by) a tight neck or tension in the back and shoulder muscles, you should try deep breathing to help loosen them up.

Imagine a point on your stomach just below your belly button; breathe in, trying to fill it with air. When your lungs are full, slowly release the air. Count to five slowly upon each inhale and exhale and you should begin to notice a difference.

In addition to the breaths, close your eyes and picture a relaxing scene (like a beach or a lake) to calm your mind. As you breathe, drop your chin down towards your chest and gently rotate your head from shoulder to shoulder.

Hot and cold therapies can also provide relief from headaches; just make sure you use the right one depending on the kind of pain you’re experiencing. Heat therapy works best for tension headaches because it will loosen up tight muscles in the neck and shoulders. Simply take a warm heat pack and place it around your neck.

If you have a migraine, you’ll want to try cold therapy. Research shows that applying a frozen icepack over the carotid arteries at the front of the neck can relieve migraine symptoms. This approach has proven to reduce pain in migraine sufferers.

Don’t let tension headaches dampen your day. Get fast and effective treatment the natural way.

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