A Little-Known Natural Remedy Can Help Winter Blues (SAD)

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 Winter Blues (SAD)It’s that time of year again. Although winter doesn’t officially begin until December 22, I’m starting to see the first signs of the cold season, and everything that goes along with it—including signs of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as the “winter blues.” Luckily, there is a little-known homeopathic remedy in particular that I use as a natural remedy for the winter blues—and I’m going to share it with you.

For instance, the other day I woke up to find a light blanket of snow all over the ground. It was gone later that day, but it was still snow. Not to mention that frost had covered my car windshield. I had to run back inside to get my winter jacket because the temperature started to dip below zero. Pretty soon, it will be wet, cold, and snowy outside every single day! It’s no wonder why some people experience the winter blues this time of year.

SAD: What Are the Main Signs?

I’m sure you know the feelings that come with SAD, even if you didn’t realize it was an actual disorder. Not only are you consistently in a bad mood, but you may also feel heavily anxious. You can’t sleep, but you can’t manage to drag yourself out of bed. The lack of sleep and energy means you can’t concentrate. I bet you’re also just begging for the sun to shine (or perhaps hoping somebody is going to get you a nice beach vacation this holiday season).

But, if you don’t see plane tickets to Aruba under the tree, don’t worry. I have a completely safe and cost-effective secret weapon. It’s called homeopathy.

The Natural Remedy for the Winter Blues

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old medical system that has worked for me for years, especially to treat the winter blues. The remedy that I alluded to in the opening of my letter is pure gold, literally! The homeopathic remedy is made from diluted metallic gold that transforms into an effective homeopathic medicine called aurum metallicum.

I take aurum metallicum since it matches my emotional, mental, and physical symptoms. For starters, people describe me as responsible, ambitious, and serious by nature. Predictably, my winter depression seems to get worse in the cold, and at night. Luckily, I get brief moments of relief during the day when there is a little bit of sun. Warmth and calming and meditative music will also improve my condition. If that sounds like you, then aurum metallicum is likely the remedy for you as well.

Getting Personalized Homeopathy Help

That being said, I recommend consulting with a trained homeopath who can choose the right remedy individualized for your symptoms.

In studies, individualized homeopathy has also been found to effectively treat patients with moderate to severe depression. It also outperformed the common antidepressant fluoxetine, according to research published earlier this year in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE.

Other Homeopathic Remedies for Winter Blues

Other homeopathic remedies often used for seasonal depression include ignatia, kali phosphoricum, natrum muriaticum, arsenicum album, pulsatilla, sepia, nux vomica, rhus toxicodendron, calcarea carbonica, staphysagria, and phosphoric acid (just speak with a specialist at a natural health food store if you have trouble remembering the remedy names).

Homeopathy: The Most Affordable Cure

Try homeopathy for yourself this winter season. You may be surprised just how effective it can be. The remedies won’t break the bank either. I spend about $7.00 on my aurum metallicum. In general, homeopathic remedies will only set you back between $5.00 and $10.00. Trust me on this one—it will definitely be money well spent and will surely bring some happiness to clear your winter blues!

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