A Natural Remedy That Can Support Statin Therapy

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Natural Remedy Helps Support Statin TherapyThere is some suggestion that doctors’ advice for statin therapy should include taking a certain natural remedy along with the drugs used for high cholesterol. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is that remedy and it has been the focus of much medical study over the past 20 years.

Basically, science has clued in that CoQ10 could help protect the body from heart disease. Many studies have shown a positive effect of this natural antioxidant on protecting the heart. So, many people starting turning to CoQ10 as an alternative to drugs for protecting them from heart disease. And it seems especially crucial for people taking heart medications.

Statins are commonly prescribed to control cholesterol levels. Because of this, statins are a great protective tool for people are risk of heart problems. Yet statins present side effects that range from nausea and constipation all the way to chronic muscle pain and organ damage.

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What CoQ10 might do, and this doesn’t get reported on too often, is limit certain side effects. One of the biggest such adverse effects with statins is muscle cramping and aching. This may be a symptom of low CoQ10 levels. Statins lower blood cholesterol by blocking an enzyme, which is also responsible for producing the body’s natural levels of CoQ10.

Many doctors recognize that, by replenishing this natural substance, many of the side effects of statins can be reduced and the drugs can become even more effective.

In addition, clinical studies have found that taking CoQ10 with a statin can further improve heart health by reducing cholesterol even further, improving endothelial function, and fighting oxidative stress levels.

There haven’t been any negative effects associated with CoQ10 use alone or in conjunction with statins, so it makes sense that doctors try prescribing them. There’s a good chance that this natural remedy could improve heart health and reduce side effects. The worst-case scenario: it might not work. But it seems worth a try. Speak to your doctor.