Avoid Surgery, Fight Chronic Osteoarthritis Pain Naturally

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Natural Supplement for OsteoarthritisIf you’ve got osteoarthritis, you know that the pain makes life extremely difficult. Performing your job or housework, getting dressed, or even holding your grandchildren becomes a painful ordeal—if it’s even possible.

Last weekend, I was at my niece’s birthday party and was talking to my brother’s father-in-law, Curt. He’s had bad osteoarthritis in his shoulders for quite some time and has been unable to work effectively or even raise his hands above his head.

About a month ago, Curt’s family doctor told him it was time to operate. The doctor said the only way Curt would ever relieve his pain or be able to increase the range of motion in his shoulders would be if he went under the knife.

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But Curt wasn’t willing to take that step yet. Instead, he decided to try a supplement called natural eggshell membrane, or NEM. And after about three weeks of taking these supplements, Curt has full range of motion in his shoulders and is virtually pain-free. I saw him happily extend his shoulders up and circle them around and around without the slightest appearance of discomfort.

And it’s not a placebo effect. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of NEM on osteoarthritis in the past. Two studies, one on single-arm treatment and another on double-arm treatment, have proven NEM significantly reduces pain, improves range of motion, and boosts flexibility.

For example, a single-arm trial using 500 milligrams of NEM per day showed increased flexibility in participants by almost 30% after seven days, along with total pain reduction of more than 72% after 30 days. Range of motion also saw an increase of more than 75%.

NEM is a supplement containing naturally occurring sugars and proteins that are essential for maintaining healthy bones and connective tissues. NEM can rebuild damaged bones and tissues to reduce pain and increase range of motion in people with osteoarthritis.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis or are experiencing joint pain, I’d recommend giving NEM a try. I’ve seen it work and the joy it can restore to one’s life. Seeing the big smile on Curt’s face as he held his baby granddaughter—without pain—shows just how effective this supplement can be.

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