Natural Tune-up Tips for Your Digestive System

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Every time you eat, food must be broken down and distributed throughout your body. Waste products must be eliminated in an efficient manner. The digestion system, like most systems in your body, has a lot of work to do every day of your life. When your digestion system breaks down, it can cause some pretty serious problems. Most of us, however, are fortunate in that we suffer from many of the less serious conditions that result when our digestive system is working less than optimally.

A rotation diet is probably the best way to begin the tune-up of your digestive system. Find out which foods give you problems such as gas, constipation, and stomach pains. For some people, it is dairy. For others, it is sulfurous foods like garlic and onion. Other culprits may be beans or vegetables from the cabbage family. If you take the time to find out which foods are causing you problems, you won’t have to worry about eliminating an otherwise healthy food from your diet.

Once you’ve taken that step, it’s now important to restore the friendly bacteria in your intestines. Eat plenty of yogurt with active bacterial cultures. These bacteria can help to break down food and cleanse the colon. Peppermint tea can help with flatulence, as can fennel tea. Ginger and cinnamon have also been thought to aid digestion and prevent excess gas.

Another way to tune up your digestive system is to drink aloe vera juice. Researchers recently discovered that the gel of the “Aloe vera” plant significantly reduced the growth of “Candida albicans” in mice. They also noticed that the mice had a greater number of “cytotoxic T lymphocyte cells,” which are responsible for killing viruses and tumor cells before they become harmful.

Remember to eat these foods in moderation: vinegar, raw onions, chilies, fried foods, alcohol, and coffee. All of these are high in acid. The rotation diet is useful here, too, for letting you know which acidic foods should really be taken off your dietary list. Chamomile, honey, peppermint tea, and yogurt are popular indigestion remedies that you can try.

And, finally, if you are constipated, tune up your elimination system by eating more fiber. Bananas, grapes, bran, prunes, oatmeal with raisins, and raspberries are all good foods to help relieve constipation. You can also try specially prepared fiber drinks to clear your bowels.