New Diaper Has Ability to Signal When It Needs Changing

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Marji_190815_2Researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) in Singapore have developed a smart diaper that alerts caregivers when it is needs to be changed.

According to Jackie Y. Ying, lead researcher of the project and IBN Executive Director, lying in soiled or wet diapers is not only uncomfortable, it can lead to skin rashes and infections.

“While increasing the frequency of diaper changes may help reduce this problem, it would also add to the workload of caregivers. Clearly there is a need for an alternative solution,” says Ying.

The new smart diaper consists of a thin, disposable sensor strip, a receiver, software, and a compact wireless transmitter.

To validate their system, in 2013, researchers tested it on 20 elderly residents in a care home. Results indicated that the system was easy to use and has a high level of accuracy in detecting wet and soiled diapers. Patients who wore the smart diaper spent 90% less time in a wet or soiled diaper compared to those who wore normal diapers. In fact, smart diapers were changed within minutes of caregivers receiving their alerts.

Dr. Phillip Yap, an Adjunct Clinician Scientist with IBN, suggests that the smart diaper is a significant advancement that can uphold the dignity of patients.

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