New Non-Drug Treatment for Prostatitis Discovered

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Vibromagnetic laser treatment might help with ED and bladder function.Prostatitis is one of the biggest health concerns of older men. It causes urinary tract infections, creates problems with voiding, and interferes with sexual function. It’s well known that prostatitis is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men across the country.

When it comes to treating the prostate gland, finding an alternative cure is definitely the way to go. Because the prostate is linked to so many important bodily functions, it needs to be protected from the potential side effects caused by drugs or surgery if at all possible.

With that in mind, here’s an alternative treatment that you might not have heard about yet. It’s called “vibromagnetic laser therapy.” A Russian research team recently found some impressive positive results when they tried out the treatment on patients suffering from ED as a result of prostatitis.

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Their study included 40 patients with chronic prostatitis, aged 22 to 45 years. The men had prostatitis for as little as six months up to nine years, and ED from six months to seven years. All the patients underwent a survey that determined a number of function scores relating to the prostate. A control group with 20 healthy men aged 22 to 45 years rounded out the study.

As a result of vibromagnetic laser therapy, the following benefits were reported:

• Voiding bladder function was optimized in 75% of patients.

• The functional activity of the pituitary-adrenal-testicular system returned to normal levels in 60% of patients.

• One year after treatment, sexual function was maintained at healthy levels in 47.5% of patients.

Although this is only one study, the results definitely look promising enough to keep an eye on this treatment—all the more so because it seems to have caused no side effects in those who tried it.

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New Non-Drug Treatment for Prostatitis Discovered
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