Not a Morning Person? 4 Ways to Help You Get Out of Bed

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Newman_290216You’re not a morning person, are you? Sometimes there’s nothing worse than that loud, disruptive buzz in the morning. You know those mornings when it’s too dark, you’re too tired, and every task feels like a struggle? A day like that can turn into a string of two or three—but it doesn’t have to.

There are (thankfully) key ways to help you wake up in the mornings if you are tired

4 Key Ways to Wake Up When You’re Tired

There are ways to combat those feelings so they stay away for good. It takes some practice and motivation, but the brief pain it might cause is well worth it in the long run:

1. Exercise: When your alarm goes off in the morning and you feel the weight of the day pressing upon you, shrug it off and slide your feet into your sneakers. I’m serious when I say there is no better way to turn your day around then by starting it off with a walk or jog—and I hate cardio. But 15 to 30 minutes of movement—whether you walk up and down the stairs in your home, around the neighborhood, or on a treadmill—makes a real difference. When the blood starts pumping, your body will release feel-good endorphins to keep you humming all day long. It can also help you make better dietary decisions throughout the day, leading to improved health and reduced fatigue.

2. Drink water: Before you start your walk, be sure to drink a glass of water or fill up a water bottle to carry with you. Hydration upon waking is central to revving up the body.

3. Eat a protein-rich breakfast: Although activity is the best way to get your day started, going for a walk might not be your cup of tea. If you’d rather skip it, you can still find other things to do. Again, don’t hit snooze. Get up when your alarm rings and march down to the kitchen to make breakfast. Include 30 to 35 grams of protein, plus whole grains and fruit to give your body the nutrients it needs to wake up and kick into gear. A meal like this offers energy and fullness that will last you for hours, providing the fuel you need to stay upbeat and feel good. Oh, and if the sun is coming up, open the blinds and sit near the window. Getting some sunlight in the morning can also help you power through.

4. Regular sleep schedule: Lastly, and this might sound obvious, but go to bed at the same time every night. I know it’s not always possible because life happens, but being consistent with your sleep cycle can help make mornings a walk in the park!

Start Your Day Off Right!

On Mondays, the struggle is especially real. But by adopting these tips you can start your days off right, feel great, and get rid of those morning blues*.

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