Omega-3s Can Halt Breast Cancer Growth

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Another Benefit of Eating FishOne of the most famous nutrients in the world may help breast cancer patients shut their tumors down. A health breakthrough has found that a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can stop the growth of breast cancer tumors by 30%.

This may be the first time we have unequivocal evidence that omega-3s reduce the risk of cancer. What the study shows is that lifelong exposure to omega-3s (so, basically eating fish every week for a long time) can actually prevent breast cancer.

Doctors Health Press has long claimed that the right foods can protect against cancer, including that of the breast, one of the world’s most common tumors. But there has been a surprising lack of studies to specifically address this issue. It can be tough to design a study that can measure this properly, which led these researchers to conduct a study comparing mice with breast cancer, to mice who had breast cancer but also produced omega-3s.

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Mice producing omega-3s developed only two-thirds as many tumors – and those tumors were 30% smaller – as the control group. The study design, while in mice, proves that omega-3s may be the best nutrient to fight breast cancer. The researchers believe that the results might have big-time implications in breast cancer prevention.

The health sky is the limit for omega-3s. They are up there with vitamin D and probiotics, as the nutrients that might have extraordinary powers against disease. The best health advice is to try and aim for at least two servings of fatty fish a week.

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