One Food That Battles the Three Worst Diseases

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Okay — more health news on the whole grain front.

Hopefully you are already following your doctor’s advice to eat more whole grains. That means less white rice and white bread and more brown rice and buckwheat bread. And we’ve been touting the benefits of whole grains for years now (see Preventing Heart Disease with Whole Grains).

Why should you do this?

Well, according to U.S. researchers, whole grains play a significant and measurable role in lowering the risk of chronic diseases.

An entire symposium was held in the U.S. a few months ago. The symposium was called “Putting the Whole Grain Puzzle Together: Health Benefits Associated with Whole Grains.” This conference brought together researchers from across the country to review the evidence regarding the health benefits associated with whole grains.

From collective research done by the scientists, they determined that whole grains play an important role in lowering the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Whole grains also contribute to body weight management and gastrointestinal health. These amazing health benefits occur due to the essential macro- and micronutrients in whole grains, along with some unique and potent phytochemicals. All of these substances combine to synergistically contribute to your good health.

The researchers concluded their symposium with some emphatic health advice: current evidence lends considerable weight to recommendations to add whole-grain foods into a healthy diet and lifestyle program. So there you have it — get going with the whole grains and include them in your meals every day.

One Food That Battles the Three Worst Diseases
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