Side Effects of Raspberry Ketone Supplements & Tips on Avoiding Them

Raspberry Ketone Side EffectsDespite being used in diet supplements since the 1960s, raspberry ketones are quickly becoming a popular method for weight loss, helping your body to shed fat by cranking up your metabolism. But, do raspberry ketones really help you with weight loss?

However, some might wonder about the possible raspberry ketones side effects that may occur while taking the supplement.

First, be aware that not all supplements cause raspberry ketones side effects, and they may still be an effective tool for weight loss when used alongside a healthy diet and exercise regimen. However, you should be aware that there are certain raspberry ketone supplements that are made with ingredients that may cause adverse side effects.

If you know what to look for, you can avoid raspberry ketone side effects, which may not even be caused by raspberry ketones themselves, but rather by certain ingredients that manufacturers put into the supplements. That said, taking raspberry ketone on its own may still cause certain effects.

But with so many raspberry ketone supplements on the market, it may be difficult to figure out which ones are safe and which ones may cause side effects. If you follow this guide, you will be able to enjoy a new, slim you while avoiding any possible adverse conditions.

Possible Side Effects of Raspberry Ketones

First, you may find yourself wondering what some of the possible raspberry ketones side effects are. While there has never been a scientific study performed on humans to determine if they has any side effects, some people who have taken raspberry ketones have reported side effects. Since they are made with a stimulant called synephrine, some individuals who have taken them have reported feelings of jitteriness, which can also lead to insomnia.

Two of the other possible raspberry ketone side effects are elevated blood pressure and a rapid heartbeat. One individual who took the supplement reported feeling shaky and having heart palpitations (a racing heartbeat).

While it should normally be safe for them to take, raspberry ketone side effects for diabetics may include lowered blood sugar levels and a decreased risk of bleeding. If you’re diabetic and thinking of taking raspberry ketone as part of a weight loss program, consult with your doctor first and make sure they carefully monitor you.

As ketones also regulate the body’s levels of norepinephrine, another possible raspberry ketones side effect is a spike in body temperature after you take the supplement. This leads to an increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure.

Because of the effects it can have on the heart, it is recommended that anyone with a heart condition such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease avoid taking raspberry ketones. Diabetics and people with asthma or kidney disease should also find an alternate weight loss supplement, as raspberry ketones side effects can aggravate those conditions as well.

Of course, being a stimulant, anyone with an anxiety disorder should also avoid taking the supplement, since raspberry ketone side effects may have an adverse reaction with any medication they’re taking.

Finally, since the thyroid controls metabolism, which raspberry ketones boost, hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, is also a possible raspberry ketones side effect.

What to Do

Now that you’ve seen the possible raspberry ketones side effects and determined that this is still the diet supplement for you, here’s what you should keep an eye out for when buying raspberry ketone supplements.

  • Make Sure it Has a “Supplement Facts” Label: Admittedly, many of us simply pick up products without reading the ingredients. But when it comes to something important like avoiding raspberry ketones side effects, you should always read the supplement facts label; this goes for all health supplements, not just raspberry ketone. If the raspberry ketone does not have a supplement facts label, do not buy it—this is a huge red flag.
  • Take the Correct Recommended Dosage: Likewise, the label should also include the recommended dosage of 500 mg, as taking more than that may lead to raspberry ketones side effects. If the label doesn’t have the recommended dosage or it’s more than 500 mg, set it aside; in fact, you should let the store or online retailer you’re purchasing it from know that the product doesn’t have the recommended dosage or exceeds it.
  • Check the Ingredients: As we mentioned at the beginning, when you’re buying something, you often don’t give the ingredients a second glance. Again, when it comes to something like health supplements that may cause side effects, it is very important that you read the ingredients, right down to the fine print, before you buy, especially since purchasing the wrong product can lead to raspberry ketones side effects.

Though a supplement may be made with raspberry ketones, it may also contain other ingredients that negate its effects or exceed the recommended 500 mg dosage, leading to raspberry ketones side effects. Always read the label to make sure that the supplement has the recommended dosage and that the other ingredients serve a purpose.

Make Sure it’s Natural

You also need to keep an eye on whether or not the raspberry supplement is made with “natural raspberry ketone” or “raspberry ketone blend,” If it’s the latter, that means that it’s synthetic and may be a cause of raspberry ketones side effects.

However, don’t set the product aside simply because it’s made with a blend; if it contains the right amount of raspberry ketone and other ingredients, it can still be effective.

If you follow these guidelines, you will avoid the raspberry ketones side effects. However, while most manufacturers of raspberry ketone are honest, the threat of poor consumer reviews and legal action are big deterrents, so you should still be careful when seeking the best raspberry ketone supplement to help you lose weight.

You should also remain aware of the possible raspberry ketones side effects. If you suffer from any of the medical conditions mentioned earlier, you should consult with your doctor or a nutritionist first before starting to take raspberry ketone. If you feel there’s too much of a risk, find an alternate diet supplement.

If you choose to take raspberry ketone regardless of the potential side effects, the recommended dose is 500 mg. If taken properly and with possible raspberry ketones side effects in mind, it’s a safe and efficient way to lose weight and get back in shape. The only raspberry ketones side effect you may experience is a slim, sexy you!

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