Save Your Eyes with These Six Critical Remedies

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inflammationHomeopathy can be an effective course of action for relatively minor injuries, such as a black eye or scratch, and minor irritations such as a case of swelling. These natural remedies could help reduce your symptoms, promote healing, and calm your nerves.

1. Euphrasia

Euphrasia is a  premier remedy for eye irritations, particularly those caused by chemicals, allergies, dirt, or infections. Your eyelid may be inflamed, red, and your eyes may be sensitive to light. They may sting during the night. Treat your irritated eye by making an eye bath using Euphrasia tincture. Soak or rinse the eye, as appropriate.

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2. “Hypercal”

Hypercal is a solution that contains a mix of Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort) and Calendula (marigold). It’s very useful as an eyebath that could resolve pain and irritation in the eye. It could help relieve irritation, stinging, burning, and inflammation in an eye after an infection or mild injury, or caused by a piece of dust.

3. Aconite

After you injure your eye, aconite should be the first homeopathic remedy to cross your mind. It is for a problem that causes inflammation and redness, mostly because an object such as sand or dust has lodged in the eye. Even after you remove it, irritation can remain for many days. Aconite is also useful for a black eye. Try to use aconite every 15 minutes or so to ease the pain and irritation.

4. Arnica Montana

Often, aconite is good to use following Arnica montana. Left behind after the injury or slight damage is a sore feeling in the eye, often complemented by bruises on the area surrounding the eye. The white of the eye may be bloodshot. Arnica will take down swelling and pain, and help get the blood moving out of the area, which will bring down the bruising and redness.

5. Symphytum

If you get hit with something near your eye, Symphytum may be effective. It’s particularly effective if bones around the eyes have been injured, if the eye itself is painful, if you have a black eye, or if the pain of a bruise keeps lingering for a long time after the injury.

6. Belladonna

One of the most-used remedies for eye troubles is belladonna. Do your symptoms come on quite suddenly? Do you have a high intolerance for light? Is there inflammation and/or dryness to the eye? Belladonna could be your remedy.