How Looking Younger Can Help You Live Longer

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The Secrets to Christie BrinkleyLooking at model Christie Brinkley, who recently turned 60 yet still looks as beautiful as she did 30 years ago, you may wonder what her secrets are and how she and other models and Hollywood actresses have avoided the effects of aging.

In addition to using skin care products, there are a number of ways you can stay looking young and beautiful, without having to resort to costly plastic surgery. One of the biggest ways to avoid developing age spots and wrinkles is to wear sunscreen daily, especially if you’re outside for long periods. Cover up and wear hats with a wide brim as well as sunglasses to avoid prolonged exposure. In addition to preventing skin cancer, your efforts will help you fight the effects of aging.

Another simple way to fight the effects of aging is daily exercise. It seems that daily exercise has more benefits than maintaining a good figure and healthy lifestyle; it can also help you to look younger longer. In the case of Brinkley, she maintains a daily exercise routine that consists of yoga, strength-training, running, and walking that helps her to maintain a figure that many women half her age envy, along with flawless skin that’s seemingly completely free of age spots.

In addition to her exercise routine, Brinkley also changes things up with other exercises that include cycling, paddle boating, surfing, skiing, and swimming. While many women think that constant visits to a cosmetic surgeon and anti-aging skin care products are what they need to stay looking younger and to help get rid of age spots and wrinkles, that’s not the only option; it would seem that for some, all you need is a gym membership and a sense of commitment.

Of course, a healthy diet is one of the biggest factors helping Brinkley and other famous celebrities maintain their youthful appearance well past middle-age, the time when many of us start to develop wrinkles and age spots. She’s just one of many celebrities to maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet. In fact, people who maintain a plant-based diet are far more likely to live longer and avoid chronic disease. And of course, if you’re looking to lose weight, eating plenty of greens is one of the top tips doctors offer to their patients.

A healthy diet also includes drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. Keeping skin hydrated keeps it firm and supple, while avoiding the development of age spots, wrinkles, and other visible signs of aging. You should also avoid foods that are high in salt, since they can dry out your skin—meaning those eight cups of water aren’t going to help as much as you may hope.

With springtime rolling in and summer on the way, now may be the best time for you to kick your anti-age spot, anti-wrinkle, and overall anti-aging efforts into high gear. Skip the salt and fast foods; get plenty of water, exercise, and healthy fruits and vegetables; and be sure to stay out of the sun and protect your skin—never leave home without your sunscreen.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to add that while all of these efforts will keep you looking younger, they’ll also go a long way to fighting illness and helping you live longer.

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