Seven Homeopathic Remedies for Skin Rash

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natural remedyA skin rash can be unsightly, painful, itchy and can cause a slew of other symptoms. Here are seven great remedies from homeopathy to help take the rash away. Note that each remedy is accompanied by a description of the symptoms that indicate its use.

1. Graphites

An excellent remedy for many kinds of rashes, but those with very clear symptoms. This remedy won’t work for different symptoms.

Here is what it treats: rashes that are very moist, scabby and crusty, that ooze out a sticky substance the golden color of honey. It will be extremely itching, and you keep scratching it until it is raw. Your skin may be dry and cracked. The scabby parts are most likely to occur between the fingers, behind the ears, at the bends of any joint (knee, elbow, etc.), and the face. If you have facial symptoms, it could be that the corners of your eyes and mouth are cracked and bleeding a little bit.

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2. Apis Mellifica

This is best to treat the rash that itches, burns, and stings. Especially if it’s hot out. It’s a great natural remedy for allergic reactions and hives, where puffy swelling appears with redness. The actual blisters won’t be that bad, but the swelling and the redness will be. It typically strikes your face, and eye area. You feel some relief when cold water or ice is applied.

3. Rhus Toxicodendron

This remedy comes from poison ivy, and as such it treats skin rashes that mimic those caused by that plant. It includes intense itching, tickling, burning, prickling, blisters surrounded by red skin, and those blisters containing fluids that break open leaving small crusty areas. You feel very restless. Applying heat brings relief, and symptoms are worse during the night.

4. Mercurius Vivus

This is great for rashes caused by poison ivy and bacterial infections. It will be moist with sick-smelling discharge. The rash will spread outward from the spot where it begins, and will include raised pus-filled bumps. You may sweat more often, and itch a lot especially at night. It is slow in healing.

5. Sulphur

This works well for rashes that are extremely itchy and feeling burning. You feel better when something cold is applied to the area. Your skin is rough, dry and peeling. You have blisters and fluid-filled bumps that exist within a patch of dark red skin. It may affect the left side of the body more often than the right, especially at points that bend and folds of the skin.

6. Urtica Urens

This mimics the description of “Apis” above. You’ll have big red blotches of skin that sting quite badly. Here, it feels like bugs are crawling on your skin.

7. Sepia

This remedy is good for a rash with blisters on skin that has turned yellow or brown. At first, the blisters will be dry, and progressively they become moist and discharge a liquid. It most often strikes joints, the area behind your ears, your knees, and your ankles. The symptoms worsen in the late afternoon and evening, and from exposure to cold weather. Sepia is a good remedy for psoriasis.

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