Seven Little-Known Homeopathic cures to Help Relieve Stomach Pain

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Stomach PainStomach or abdominal pain is a common health complaint that can arise from many causes. Stomach Pain relief options are numerous, but here we focus on a cool seven remedies from the area of alternative medicine known as homeopathy.

Stomach pain is often discomfort coming from organs such as the gallbladder, pancreas, colon, liver, stomach, or small intestine. Causes range from mild (gas, indigestion) to medium (heartburn, ulcers) to serious (gallstones, appendicitis, inflammatory bowel disease).

Here are some of homeopathy’s best remedies for pain in the stomach. In many cases of pain in this area, you can use home remedies, calling the doctor only if symptoms persist.

1. Arsenicum Album

The pain is burning, and is worse during the nighttime and when eating cold foods or sitting in cold weather. Vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, restlessness, and weakness are present. You feel better with warmth and when drinking milk.

2. Bryonia Alba

This is one of homeopathy’s best remedies for conditions striking the abdomen. The pains are sharp and stitching, occurring if you move even slightly, cough, or draw a deep breath. Better when lying still, especially on the painful side.

3. Aconite

Useful when there are emotional symptoms such as fright, shock, fear, anxiety, and/or restlessness. Helpful for pain that happens suddenly, after cold weather. Sneezing and jarring movements make it worse.


4. Carcinosin

Mineral good for burning pain accompanied by hard, dry stools. You may be constipated and be craving sugary foods. Symptoms are worse in late afternoon, and better when you put pressure on the stomach.

5. Lycopodium

Good for pain on the right side, along with bloating and rumbling sounds. Cabbage, wheat, oysters, and onions tend to make things worse — as does the early evening. You feel better with loose clothing and warm drinks, and when passing gas.

6. Belladonna

This common remedy battles those sharp stomach pains that strike and then disappear suddenly. The pain is worse with motion and better with steady pressure and when lying on the stomach.

7. Chamomilla

This remedy’s hallmark symptom consists of irritability and anger caused by the pain. You experience bad cramps, have green diarrhea, and need to arch your back during painful spasms. The pain is worse at night, after eating, after coffee, and after an angry fit.

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